Podcast: Trustmatic at ExportAir (SK only)

On the latest ExportAir podcast, Trustmatic CEO Donal Greene shared insights on what advantages it has brought him to establish a startup in Slovakia and what successes he has achieved in the world of identity verification.

Our CEO Donal Greene was a guest on the recent podcast called ExportAir, powered by the Council of Slovak Exporters, where he talked about:

  • How Trustmatic verifies identity in the digital world?

  • Which factors play a key role in this process?

  • Why led him to decide to establish Trustmatic in Slovakia instead of Ireland?

  • What experience does he have from Latin America, the USA, or Uganda and how does it help him in navigating the world of online identity verification?

*The podcast is available in the Slovak language only.

About Council of Slovak Exporters


The Council of Slovak Exporters is an association comprised of private entities. This business platform is open for all Slovak businesses which either export or have an ambition to access foreign markets. The aim is to connect exporters and facilitate dialogue with state institutions, international organizations and financial institutions, including banks.


About Trustmatic


Founded in 2020, Trustmatic has been on a mission to automate trust between organizations and their users. Trustmatic streamlines every verification process with great flexibility and a high level of data security. With 98% first-time completion rates in onboarding processes, businesses can remain KYC & AML compliant with local and global compliance standards and regulations.

Trustmatic supports a variety of identity documents from over 248 countries & territories along with 138 languages. The company's passive liveness detection is backed by the iBeta Level 2 accredited PAD algorithm.

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