Identity verification designed for telcos

Worldwide telco providers rely on us with the implementation of identity verification to scale globally, prevent fraud, and improve their customer onboarding experience.



Know your customers from day one

We make sure that your digital onboarding is secure, fast and accurate.

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Onboarding without friction

Secure a convenient and intuitive onboarding process for your customers without any limitations.

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Meet regulatory requirements

Ensure that all documents submitted by customers comply with Know Your Customer (KYC) requirements.

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Stop fraudsters at the doorstep

Prepaid cards by criminals or false documents submitted? We notify you immediately if you are exposed to fraud.


Create seamless digital onboarding

We will take care of your digital onboarding while you can focus on more
value-added things.

Opening a new account in seconds

Don't drag your new customers through an endless onboarding process. Our digital onboarding, powered by ​​AI and biometric algorithm with unparalleled accuracy, helps your customers open their accounts while securing a seamless user experience and reducing the abandonment rate.


Mitigate fraud attacks

We understand how important is for you to remotely onboard your customer while preventing any fraud. Trustmatic can help you identify suspicious activities and mitigate fraud risks such as falsified documents or spoofing attacks.
The data analysis can also help you detect any discrepancies in the customer data and provide a more accurate view of customer identity.


Don't be afraid to scale up

Trustmatic leverages the power of AI to automate the manual processes of identity verification, making it fast and easy to onboard users with no limits on location or time of day.
Supporting more than 11,600+ government-issued documents in 138 languages, making entering new markets or scaling up in customer volume a breeze.



Explore our other solutions

Save time and money by using a single, comprehensive verification solution.

Biometric identification

Implement blocklists or ensure each user is unique with NIST FRVT top-ranked face biometrics.

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Remote Identity Verification

Comprehensive online identity verification powered by advanced AI.

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Face Liveness Detection

iBeta Level 2 accredited single frame passive liveness detection to ensure that a user is a real person.

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